House Votes to Repeal ObamaCare: Statement from Chairman Bozell

January 19, 2011

I want to congratulate the 246 House members who today voted to uphold the Constitution by voting to repeal ObamaCare.  While this is an impressive victory for the American people, there is still work to be done and we will not rest until ObamaCare has been pulled out by its roots.

Members recognized that ObamaCare is a ball-and-chain on our economy, depressing job growth and holding us back from any chance at economic recovery.  Those who voted for repeal listened to the central message of this past November’s election when the American people rebelled against this massive federal imposition of bureaucratic controls over our health and our personal lives.  But this is not the end of the road.

Now we are putting the U.S. Senate on notice.  Harry Reid is single-handedly holding the will of the people hostage by suggesting he will not bring ObamaCare repeal to the floor for an up or down vote.  Every Senator must publicly call on the Majority Leader to bring this to the floor and tell the American people how they would vote on repeal.  Senator Reid may feel he can ignore us for six years but his colleagues know they cannot.  We will be listening carefully and watching what they do.  This will clearly be an issue in the next cycle and we will not forget.

Please contact your Senators and let them know that the American people are watching and will remember what they do. The 2012 election is underway and anyone who ignores the will of the voters will be held accountable.  Tell them you want the vote YES in an up or down vote to repeal ObamaCare.


  • Skot Burris says:

    What great news! One step closer to repealing this awful, job-killing, unconstitutional bill. Thank you to the 246 House members who listened to the will of the people and voted to Repeal!

    • Richard says:

      Its not even so much about the economy. Its just wrong. Lets make legislation that forces insurance to pay within 30 days, and then on their own time and money, investigate the bill, or dispute it, or whatever takes them thieves so long to pay. And then make them pay the full amount first.

  • Cheryl Newell says:

    Please vote to REPEAL the health care bill passed by the 111th Congress.

  • Hallelujah…..I can only pray this stands…a generic healthcare plan is not the answer…It was too long, too costly, and what bothered me most, was the very ones who forced it down our throats, did not have to carry this…they had elite status..I do not for one second believe this was constitutional, nor will I ever condone this bill….I am in full support of insurance reform, as well as tort reform, there are alot better ways to contain healthcare costs than in this 2700 page atrocity……Let healthcare workers like myself be involved in a better plan, one that stands for ALL AMERICANS, regardless of your position in office….one for all, and all for one….

  • Judy Frazer says:

    We are Americans,this country is where we ALL live,and does NOT BELONG to the Washington crowd.United we stand,divided we fall..Unite and repeal,our country cannot afford NOT to repeal…………….We are Americans,please listen to us Washington and treat us like the citizens we are.We voted you in,do your job,or get voted out…or does it matter what WE want anymore. Are you listening Reid,Palosi,and Mr. President?

  • Sandra Kieffer says:

    Please repeal Mandatory Health-care. Our country is in the worse economic and emotional shape in my lifetime and needs NO MORE SPENDING and TAXING! Families can’t support any more taxes! Stop the Murder Suicide rate from continuing to go UP! There is no such thing as the “trickle up” theory! Stop the Madness. Insurance reform YES! Mandatory Care NO!

  • Carolyn Holtzclaw says:

    Praise God!!! Now let us pray the Senate will be just as smart as the House and uphold this vote to repeal Obamacare! I am going to contact my representatives, how about you?

  • Mary Broome says:

    Please repeal the Health Care Bill! I am a 30 year RN and know from all I have read that this is not good for the country! There has to be a better way to go ! The country is so far in debt this will just push us over the cliff! There are better ways to control health care cost and give good care to all Americans.

  • Scheri Cox says:

    The fight has begun. Total repeal is a long way off and Congress must not forget the mandate given this past November. This unconstitutional bill flying in the face of the American WILL, MUST be destroyed and all who support it must be sent home. Then a sensible, just replacement that does not cause harm must be put in its place.

  • Matt says:

    If Mr. Reid wants to play that way then what we do is for every Senator who either refuses to vote or votes against the repeal we request that there is a new election vote for that Senators seat. The President we can impeach, but Senators we can only demand a new election vote for their Senate seat. Maybe then these people will begin to understand who works for who and that they are not untouchable.

  • .We can begin to undo the job-killing policies put in place by the Obama Administration and breathe life back into Americas economy..Next week the House will vote on a bill that fully repeals every single aspect of ObamaCare. It will be just the first step in a long battle to repeal and then replace ObamaCare.

  • My reps are

    Carl Levin mi.
    Robert Peters mi.

    I will be contacting your staff, but I first want EVERY American to know how I stand on Obama Care. Better known as the Health Care Bill.

    I don’t want it ! I am not socialistic like you Demon-Crats ! I am not a Communist like many of you demon-crats are !
    I am PROUD to be an American,but am ashamed of so called leaders such as you call yourselves. Especially Resident Obama “he needs to be sent to the gallows…./or/… least Kenya in other words Obama needs replaced like “impeach Now !
    The most open administration promised in history ? Resident Obama.. ” LIAR ” ! When do you open for business ? After midnight ! Shame ! Behind closed doors ! Shame ! “What kind of man are you ? I cannot believe your lies any more. Liar,Liar,Pants on Fire just in case you like playing childrens games !

    dennis r fleury

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