Anti-Stephanopoulos Art Posted Near ABC News Studios

Is there a conservative artist lurking around ABC News’ Manhattan studio?The Washington Free Beacon reports:Some interesting artwork has popped up on the streets surrounding ABC News’ Good Morning America studios in New York City.First noticed by Twitchy and the Weekly Standard’s Mark Hemingway, the posters feature Hillary Clinton with a smiling George Stephanopoulos, the ABC … Continued

Watch Liberals Get Outraged At Ex-NYPD Detective On CNN Panel

Never get in the way of liberal narrative.Former NYPD detective Harry Houck found himself shouted down by New York Times columnist Charles Blow and CNN commentator Sally Kohn when he disagreed with their comparison of the Baltimore riots and the shootout in Waco, Texas.Blow and Kohn were bent on labeling media coverage of the two … Continued

Do Dems Really Love Hillary If They Can’t Name Her Accomplishments?

Even the everyday Americans who most staunchly support Hillary Clinton seem to view the presidential candidate like a potential roommate—necessary because they have no other option.Bloomberg Politics recently talked to a focus group of Iowa Democrats, reporting:Despite her perceived flaws, the group’s participants indicated that they believed Clinton represents the Democrats’ only hope of holding … Continued

Americans Do Not Trust Government With Their Privacy

Yahoo News reports (emphasis added):Americans are worried about the privacy of their online information, and have little confidence the government will keep that data secure, a poll showed Wednesday.The Pew Research Center survey highlighted ongoing fears about online privacy, with concerns about how data is safeguarded by the government, credit card companies, social networks, search … Continued

Calling Congress: It’s Time To Repeal Obamacare

Republicans have had the majority in the House and the Senate since midterm elections—so are they reneging on their promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act? The Daily Signal reported:Five years ago, Congress used a budget process known as reconciliation to pass the Affordable Care Act with a simple majority. It allowed Democrats to avoid a … Continued

Carrie Underwood Continues Defense of Faith, Wins Best Christian Song

Carrie Underwood, who won “American Idol” in its fourth season and who is known for being an unabashed Christian, took home Best Christian Song from the 2015 Billboard Music Awards.The country crossover darling scored for “Something in the Water,” which was the lead single for her “Greatest Hits: Decade #1” compilation released last year. The … Continued

52 House Republicans Want The IRS To Investigate The Clinton Foundation

Breitbart reports:A whopping 52 House Republicans are publicly pressuring IRS Commissioner John Koskinen to investigate Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Clinton Foundation tax status, with 51 members signing a letter organized by Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) that pushes for such an investigation…As Breitbart News reported exclusively last week, the letter calls on the IRS … Continued

Sahrawi Arab Miners: Hillary ‘Sold Her Soul’

Hillary Clinton is facing a miserable payout as more and more details of the Clinton Foundation’s shady dealings with foreign donors come to light.The presidential candidate has been fending off inquiries since media outlets first reported on Peter Schweizer’s “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill … Continued

Watch An Army Dad’s Heartwarming Reunion With His 2-Year-Old Daughter

Men and women in the armed forces make a lot of sacrifices to keep us safe, and one of the biggest is missing out on time with their families.That’s why videos like this one—uploaded in January 2012 and recently discovered by IJReview—never fail to warm the heart.“My daughter is about two in this video,” the … Continued

The 4 House Republicans Who Voted Against The 20-Week Abortion Ban

Every Republican voted for the 20-week abortion ban which passed the House last Wednesday.All except four, that is. Reports The Daily Caller (emphasis added):The House voted to pass a late-term abortion ban Wednesday almost entirely along party lines, with the exception of four Republicans who voted against the bill and four Democrats who voted for … Continued