Breaking: America Is Still A Christian Nation

A recent Gallup poll is squashing a popular liberal myth: that America is moving away from its Christian founding.  In reality, according to Gallup, a whopping 75 percent of the country still identifies as Christian.  The Gallup poll comes amid a rash of recent controversies around the country revolving around religious freedom.In particular, states like … Continued

Vet Is Detained For Defending The American Flag

A United States Air Force veteran was detained last week at Valdosta State University in Georgia, after she stepped in to stop a group of students desecrating the American flag.  The students were trampling on the flag, reportedly to protest white supremacy.When the veteran, Michelle Manhart, stepped in to defend the flag, things quickly turned … Continued

ACLU Wants Catholic Bishops To Facilitate Abortions

Catholic agencies that feed the hungry and give shelter to strangers should also be expected to facilitate abortions, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.The ACLU has sued the federal government to obtain records related to reproductive healthcare among illegal immigrant minors.The suit is part of a push to force federally funded Catholic organizations to … Continued

Hillary On Abortion: “Deep-Seated Cultural Codes, Religious Beliefs” Must Be Changed

The Daily Caller reports, “Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took a feminist tone on Thursday. She told attendees at the sixth annual Women in The World Summit that ‘deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed’ for the sake of giving ‘access’ to women for ‘reproductive healthcare and safe childbirth.”“Far too many … Continued

Hillary Clinton should be the leader of the free world because…she’s a woman?

If this doesn’t give you pause about the state of America’s institutions for higher learning, we’re not sure what will. Aren’t universities supposed to encourage their students to, you know, think?Instead, many students seem to buy into the kind of knee-jerk, reactionary thinking that says Hillary Clinton deserves to be president simply because she’s a … Continued

100 Most Influential Christians in America

Newsmax just released its list of the top 100 Christian leaders in America. In order to make the list, these notable Christians have to have a significant impact on American culture in 2015.As Newsmax explains:Christianity’s challenges in today’s world of instantaneous information transmission and new brands of sin are not what they were a century … Continued

Russia, Uranium and that Sneaky, Dirty Clinton Foundation

The more we learn about the controversies surrounding the Clinton Foundation’s foreign donations and other dubious dealings, the worse it looks for the Democrats’ presidential frontrunner. The Wall Street Journal reports:Hillary Clinton’s State Department was part of a panel that approved the sale of one of America’s largest uranium mines at the same time a … Continued

Obama’s Earth Day Wasn’t So Eco-Friendly

Liberals who spout talking points about climate change need to learn to practice what they preach.President Obama’s planned Earth Day trip to Florida was reportedly expected to emit five years’ worth of carbon dioxide for an average person in just one day.The Washington Free Beacon reported:  President Barack Obama’s Earth Day trip to Southern Florida … Continued

‘Concerned 8-Year-Old Citizen’ Pens Letter to Michelle Obama

Out of the mouths of babes. Eight-year-old Peter recently penned a letter to Michelle Obama to voice his fears about rationing ketchup packets in schools and not doing enough to combat ISIS. The Weekly Standard published the letter, which begins: Dear Michelle Obama, My name is Peter. I am eight years old. I love studying the history of the … Continued

Dana Perino: Harry Reid is ‘An Absolutely Poisonous Figure’

When Harry Reid recently complimented Jeb Bush for urging his fellow Republicans to support Loretta Lynch for Attorney General, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said, “No wonder Jeb Bush stood up for Loretta Lynch in New Hampshire… Bush didn’t just show grace in doing that, he showed more common sense than his brother showed in … Continued