Ronald Reagan’s Wonderful 1986 Memorial Day Speech

Delivered by President Ronald Reagan at Arlington National Cemetery, May 26, 1986:Today is the day we put aside to remember fallen heroes and to pray that no heroes will ever have to die for us again. It’s a day of thanks for the valor of others, a day to remember the splendor of America and … Continued

WWII Veteran Awarded High School Diploma At 93

Pomp and circumstance, at last.J.D. Sexton, an Army veteran who fought in the Battle of the Bulge, has finally received his high school diploma more than 70 years after leaving before graduation to serve his country.WSFA 12 News reported:“It’s a wonderful thing to come up here and be with the people and to receive a … Continued

7 Reasons To Remember Our Nation’s Fallen Soldiers Today

1. Because they sacrificed their lives for the safety of our citizens. 2. Because without them, we could be speaking German right now. Or Japanese. 3. They gave up time with their families to keep us safe. 4. Thanks to them, we have the biggest, baddest military in the world. 5. They answered the call … Continued

Watch Ted Cruz Answer The Inevitable ‘Do You Hate Gay People?’ Question

Sen. Ted Cruz had a passionate yet informed response to a reporter in Beaumont, Texas, who asked quite the leading question: “Do you have a personal animosity against gay Americans?”The presidential candidate expressed his frustration with an answer that emphasized foreign policy and the horrors that ISIS inflicts on gay people and Christians. “Why is it … Continued

Here’s Taya Kyle’s Response To Universities Censoring ‘American Sniper’

Taya Kyle, the widow of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle, recently spoke in an interview about her late husband’s love for his country and her belief that campus free speech is important.When asked about schools that attempt to stop viewings of “American Sniper,” Taya Kyle noted the importance of our First Amendment rights.“I feel like freedom … Continued

UN Climate Change Expert: Global Warming Caused By “Natural Variations”

Wait, we thought this was all was man-made? Isn’t that what President Obama and virtually every liberal keep telling us ad nauseam? Reports The Daily Caller (emphasis added):Global temperature change observed over the last hundred years or so is well within the natural variability of the last 8,000 years, according to a new paper by … Continued

When You Tell Patriotic Softball Fans There Will Be No National Anthem …

The all-American fans at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette and Baylor softball game on Saturday didn’t cotton to the idea of skipping the national anthem. As captured in this video, the fans decided to break out into “The Star-Spangled Banner” themselves. Cajuns fans, upset that the national anthem wouldn’t be played a second time today, just … Continued

Anti-Stephanopoulos Art Posted Near ABC News Studios

Is there a conservative artist lurking around ABC News’ Manhattan studio?The Washington Free Beacon reports:Some interesting artwork has popped up on the streets surrounding ABC News’ Good Morning America studios in New York City.First noticed by Twitchy and the Weekly Standard’s Mark Hemingway, the posters feature Hillary Clinton with a smiling George Stephanopoulos, the ABC … Continued

Watch Liberals Get Outraged At Ex-NYPD Detective On CNN Panel

Never get in the way of liberal narrative.Former NYPD detective Harry Houck found himself shouted down by New York Times columnist Charles Blow and CNN commentator Sally Kohn when he disagreed with their comparison of the Baltimore riots and the shootout in Waco, Texas.Blow and Kohn were bent on labeling media coverage of the two … Continued

Do Dems Really Love Hillary If They Can’t Name Her Accomplishments?

Even the everyday Americans who most staunchly support Hillary Clinton seem to view the presidential candidate like a potential roommate—necessary because they have no other option.Bloomberg Politics recently talked to a focus group of Iowa Democrats, reporting:Despite her perceived flaws, the group’s participants indicated that they believed Clinton represents the Democrats’ only hope of holding … Continued