John Kasich says opposing Common Core is hysterical

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee seems to be backing away from his support for Common Core. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, a former Common Core supporter, now calls it “a stalking horse of the federalization of education policy.”

But Ohio Governor John Kasich seems to be staying the course, calling conservative opposition to Common Core, “hysteria.”

Said Kasich on Fox News Sunday:

 part of the problem is today politicians are running to try to get votes. You know what we try to do out here, we run out here trying to solve problems. And we have a problem with the education standards and our children’s ability to compete in the world. We’re not going to turn this over to Washington or even to Columbus, our state capital. It’s local schools with local school boards and high standards. I don’t know how anybody can disagree with that unless you’re running for something.

Are the two-thirds of parents who now oppose Common Core just “running for something?” Are the many parents who are pulling their kids out of government school to teach them at home just being “hysterical?”

Do politicians really know what’s better for American schoolkids than their parents?

Parents are rejecting this monstrosity for a reason. Common Core is the latest attempt by government to “fix” our education system and it has been an absolute disaster.

This is not “hysteria.” Kasich is simply refusing to listen.

Maybe conservatives can make him.

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