How Many Ways Does Donald Trump Resemble A Liberal Democrat?

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What if you were told there was a presidential candidate who…Supported, single-payer, universal healthcareProposed the largest tax increase in historySaid he identified more as DemocratThinks Republicans are crazySupports federal gun restrictionOnce said he’s “very” pro-choiceOnce said he wouldn’t ban partial birth abortionIs impressed by Nancy PelosiSupported impeaching George W. BushPraised Obama’s stimulus packageSaid the economy

Ted Cruz Has A Better Chance Of Beating Hillary Clinton Than Donald Trump


Despite all the chatter about Donald Trump vs. Ted Cruz and which of them might win the Iowa Caucus next week, here’s an even bigger question: Who would have a better chance of beating Hillary Clinton?Real Clear Politics has the answer and it’s not complicated.Here’s Donald Trump vs. Hillary:Here’s Ted Cruz vs. Hillary:Cruz beats Hillary

NFL Player Who Refused To Meet Obama Over Abortion Marches On Washington


In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, former Baltimore Ravens center Matt Birk explained his motivation for attending the March For Life in Washington:  Former Baltimore Ravens center Matt Birk came to Washington D.C. for the March for Life – delivering a speech at the rally near the Washington Monument before the march to the

The March For Life And 2016


As the March For Life begins Friday in Washington, DC, Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests For Life, had this to say at Fox News about 2016 and the pro-life movement (emphasis added):Although the March for Life itself is not a political event, a keen awareness and a strong motivation of the marchers themselves

Hillary Desperately Attempting To Resurrect Her “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” Blame Game


Hillary Clinton has a history of blaming her scandals on Republicans.  Don’t forget in 1998 when she went on national television to blame the “vast right-wing conspiracy” for the allegations against Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  And here Hillary’s at it again. She’s blaming Republicans, somehow, for an Obama appointed Inspector General telling senior lawmakers

Congressional Incumbents: Beware The Ides Of March

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By David Bossie for you are an establishment Republican in the House or Senate who has drawn a conservative challenger in a March primary, there’s only one way to put it. You drew the short straw.Alabama, Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, and Ohio will all hold their presidential and congressional primaries on March 1 and March

Mother of Benghazi Victim Screams “Hillary Is A Liar!”

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The Blaze reports, “During an interview on ‘The Kelly File’ to discuss Michael Bay’s new film, ’13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi,’ family members of two of the victims of the attacks on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012, said that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is not being

White House Says U.S. Sailors Treated “Properly” But A Closer Look Reveals Iran Making Serious Violations


Via we reported earlier this morning, the 10 sailors Iran detained yesterday have now been released,  thank God. But not before being humiliated by the Iranians, in violation of Article 13 of the Geneva Convention (III) — which governs the treatment of prisoners of war and requires captors to protect prisoners against “insults and public curiosity.”See

Obama “The Most Pro-Abortion President Ever To Lead This Nation”


Kristan Hawkins, President of Students For Life Of America, writes at The Blaze, “As President Barack Obama delivers his last State of the Union to the United States as its president, reflecting back on his legacy as the most pro-abortion president ever to lead this nation is sobering.”Hawkins listed some of Obama’s offenses:He made no

Breaking: Obama Admin ‘Stonewalling’ Cruz And Sessions Investigation Of 113 Terrorists Inside U.S.

UNITED STATES - OCTOBER 16: Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, left, talks with Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., after a meeting of Senate republicans in the Capitol. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Via the Washington Free Beacon (emphasis added):Leading senators on Monday petitioned multiple Obama administration agencies to stop stonewalling a congressional investigation into the immigration histories of at least 113 foreign-born individuals implicated in terrorist operations after legally entering the United States, according to a copy of the letters.The latest investigation comes just days after the Washington Free

Planned Parenthood Backing Hillary Clinton

U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at an event sponsored by planned parenthood in Washington, July 17, 2007.        REUTERS/Jason Reed      (UNITED STATES) - RTR1RYSG

To no one’s surprise. NBC News reports:Planned Parenthood endorsed Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton here Sunday, marking the group’s first backing of a primary candidate in its 100-year history.“I have stood with you throughout my life and certainly throughout my career and I promise you this: As your president, I will always have your back,” Clinton