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For America's Meme of the Day


Vice President Mike Pence

President Trump and I are truly grateful for your work...

Senator Ted Cruz

What ForAmerica does so well is to light up the phones in Congress, to light up Facebook, to light up Twitter, to speak out, to do what we did in the late 1970s in the Reagan Revolution.

The New York Times

One of the great unexpected influences on the election was...ForAmerica.

Congressman Jim Jordan

There's a ton of grassroots support out there for me, and we wouldn't be here without you. 



For America's Anti-Hillary Videos Went Viral

  • 93,591,377 total views

  • 82,909,315 unique views

For America Is A Leader In Electoral Impact


"One of the great unexpected influences on the election was ... ForAmerica."

"These sites serve to energize their readers..."

"...they do it thanks to the publishing reach of social media like Facebook and Twitter, which enable readers to repost stories at the click of a button..."

" media understood that it was an insurgent force...on social media on an unprecedented scale..."


"A wave of negative tweets, Facebook posts, YouTubes, and other social media aimed at Hillary Rodham Clinton helped turned enough voters against the Democrat to switch close states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Florida for President-elect Trump, according to a new analysis.

"In addition to the Trump campaign, several outside groups went on the attack. Among the leaders was For America, which published 69 videos aimed at raising Clinton's negatives."



Video Views

On average, ForAmerica garners over 108 Million Video Views per year.



On average, ForAmerica garners over 83 Million Engagements (likes, comments, and shares) per year.


Social Media Reach

On average, ForAmerica reaches over 19 Million people per week. 

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