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About two dozen Republicans have called for Biden to be impeached. What about your congressman?

Joe Biden's disastrous handling of U.S. troop withdrawal in Afghanistan is an impeachable offense for a president if there ever was one. Despite trying to impeach Donald Trump twice for far less, Democrats are not calling impeachment.

But some Republicans are. Forbes reported Thursday, "Nearly two dozen House and Senate Republicans on Thursday called for President Joe Biden to resign or be removed over a terrorist attack in Kabul that killed at least a dozen U.S. service members, as tensions between Biden and Republicans in Congress have worsened amid the U.S. withdrawal of troops from the region."

Two dozen is not enough. All Republicans should be calling for impeachment. In no particular order, some of these House and Senate Republicans include Josh Hawley, Marsha Blackburn, Tom Rice, Elise Stefanik, Claudia Tenney, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lindsey Graham and Mary Miller.

Do you know if your representative is calling for impeachment?

I'm not counting on useless Never Trumpers who are probably about to be voted out of office anyway.

If dereliction of duty is not an impeachable offense, what is? Biden badly botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan because he did not have an exit strategy. Well, he did have one - don't follow Trump's exit strategy.

The former president's deal with the Taliban included a May 1st withdrawal that Trump repeatedly warned Biden to stick to. Former vice president Mike Pence blames Biden for breaking the deal his administration brokered with the Taliban.

For Biden, there was no deal, no plan and no strategy. It was a dereliction of duty of the grandest scale.

We could throw in Biden's dereliction of duty on our southern border as well, but for our purposes here let's stick to one colossal Biden failure at a time.

The Democrats spent four years calling for Donald Trump's head over nothing. Every Republican should be calling for the removal of Joe Biden from the White House for inaction that has cost lives and more.

So, where does your congressman stand?

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