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'An Absolute Non-Starter': House Republicans Vow No Vote On Awful Senate Border Bill

Gage Skidmore Flickr/Creative Commons

On Sunday, the Senate Border Security-Ukraine Funding bill that was being crafted secretly was released.

Not surprisingly, it's awful.

How awful? Where do we start. It's 370 PAGES.

How about we just hear from House Republicans themselves.

Steve Scalise says the bill "will NOT receive a vote in the House."

Matt Gaetz had a warning for Republicans who would dare vote for this trash bill. It's basically an amnesty bill.

Thomas Massie said it was the biggest foreign aid package ever.

And Ukraine aide would be more than what we spend on the U.S. Marines, on top of the billions we've already sent them, according to Sen. Mike Lee.

In fact, Sen. Lee has been one the most vocal GOP critics of this process throughout.

But to best summarize the garbage Republican leadership is trying to pitch right now, Lee wrote:


We need to secure the border, not increase and encourage more illegal immigration. We need to spend on the security of the United States more than other countries.

New Republican leadership is needed pronto.



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