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Anti-America Harvard Protesters Get Blasted with National Anthem While Trying to Sleep

Harvard is trying to break up the pro-Palestinian protest encampments on its grounds without much luck so far.

But late Monday night, they got a little help.

After a long day of hating on Israel and America, the protesters were trying to get some sleep.

So someone blared "The Star-Spangled Banner" at them.

It was glorious.

Harvard released a statement Monday saying there would be consequences for anyone who remains.

'I write today with this simple message: The continuation of the encampment presents a significant risk to the educational environment of the University. Those who participate in or perpetuate its continuation will be referred for involuntary leave from their Schools. Among other implications, students placed on involuntary leave may not be able to sit for exams, may not continue to reside in Harvard housing, and must cease to be present on campus until reinstated,' interim university president Alan Garber announced.

That statement is one way to try to do this.

Blasting America's national anthem at them each night as they try to sleep might be another.

It never hurts to try! In fact, try, try and then try again.

It will never get old - except hopefully to them.

Sen. Mike Lee had a question about this:

We could only wish, Mike.

This will never not be hilarious.


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