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Bidenomics: $100 in Groceries Five Years Ago Costs A LOT More Today

Gage Skidmore/Creative Commons

If you spent $100 on groceries in 2019 those same groceries would cost you $137 in 2024.

Yet the Biden administration wants Americans to believe prices are coming down.

The White House put out a statement in mid-March that read in part, "My top economic priority is lowering costs and today’s report shows we continue to make progress on that front. Inflation is down two-thirds from its peak and annual core inflation is the lowest since May 2021."

Sure it is, Mr. President. Nothing to see here!

Now for a more realistic picture...

The New York Post reports, "Spending $100 on groceries won’t fill up the shopping cart as much as it did five years ago. Inflation-battered shoppers now need to spend $137 for the same basket of staples that they were able to buy for $100 in 2019, according to an analysis by The Wall Street Journal."

"Soaring prices have become a central issue in the upcoming election, with Bidenomics being blamed by Republicans for sapping Americans’ paychecks," the Post noted.

You think?

The Post did a good rundown of how much the prices of everyday products have jumped:

In 2019, during Donald Trump’s presidency, the average price of a dozen eggs was $2.36 — or $1.48 cheaper than the $3.84 average cost today under Joe Biden.
Laundry detergent, meanwhile, has seen one of the largest price jumps today compared to five years ago.
In 2019, a bottle of detergent cost on average $7.83. Today, it costs $10.66 — an increase of $2.83...
Other vital items like milk, butter, cereal and toilet paper have also soared.
A gallon of milk cost $2.73 in 2019, but is $0.52 more expensive today, at $3.25.
Butter, which sold for $3.78 on average five years ago, is nearly $1 more expensive today — as are a bag of potato chips, which have spiked to $3.26, compared with $2.26 in 2019.
Cereal, which cost $3.36 on average in 2019, is now $1.14 more expensive — pricing out at $4.50.

No matter your politics or ideological leanings, these price hikes are something Americans everywhere are noticing no matter what Team Biden is telling them.

In a presidential election where swing states and independent voters are highly likely to matter, runaway inflation is going to matter too.


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