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Cackling Karens


David Bozell: So, it's already started. Last night, a small cadre of what looked to be, they're probably all congressional staffers, this candlelight visual outside the Supreme Court. By the way, they put up barricades in front of the Supreme Court like three minutes after the Politico story broke about Alito's majority opinion to overturn Roe. Within minutes, the cackling Karens were out there.

Now, if you enjoy feminists ranting and raving as much as I do, these next few weeks are going to be our Super Bowl. It's going to be great. If you thought Kamala's laugh or Hillary's laugh, cackling, if that was grating on you, man, you're going to be in for a treat. Or, if it was grating on you, I would suggest turning off your television for the next couple of months. Don't even bother with anything. FOX is going to show it too. I just wouldn't even bother.

But, if you have kind of a sick, twisted mind like I do, and you enjoy watching these feminists go nuts. Well, even young guys who are out there trying to support their ladies. Man, remember how Biden's Supreme Court nominee, Jackson, couldn't define what a woman is because she wasn't a biologist. Hmm. mm, mm, mm, mm, mm. You're not going to see any of that talk. And you're going to see, "My body, my choice," that chant, "My body, my choice." You're going to see that chant get resurrected faster than you can say mask mandate. It's going to be all over the place. So, this army of feminist Karens are going to be out in full force in the Nation's Capitol, and it'll expand into your State Capitols too, because that's just what they do, so that'll be a thing too.

And then, long-term, this will all be about, and we'll get into this, but long-term, this will all be about how a red state and a blue state are defined. So, assuming the Alito opinion is legit, and assuming that's where they land, and Roe is overturned, your state is basically going to be defined as to what kind of commitments it makes to life. That's the pro-life sort of way of putting it. The pro-abortion way of putting it would be what kind of commitments do you have to abortion policy? So, do you make it on demand for any reason, at any time period of the pregnancy, funded by your tax payers? That's the pro-abortion talking point.

So, a state like California will go just totally crystal blue and will be a sanctuary state for abortion. And then they're going to basically force Democrats into talking about... Erick Erickson had this point on Twitter. He's absolutely right. They're going to force Democrats to talk about nothing but abortion on the campaign trail. Good luck to all that. Good luck if you want to go down that path.

But, I am excited about the army of... This is where I wish Rush Limbaugh were alive because he would just have a blast. He would have an absolute blast playing you clip after clip, after clip of feminists, just raging on your television screen, so that'd be fun.

But no, I would definitely avoid DC for the foreseeable future, lest you just get screamed at. If you're into that sort of thing, I guess, but it'll be fun to watch these people lose their minds.


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