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Can Trump Overcome the Media, DOJ, and Biden?

TOPIC: From Congress to court cases, which party has the advantage in 2024?



"I gotta give the president a ton of credit for staying in the race from the outset, to know that the case was full of holes."


  • Despite facing daily court appearances due to multiple legal cases, Donald Trump remains actively engaged in the presidential race, demonstrating resilience under pressure.

  • The Trump campaign lacks a robust nationwide surrogate support, leaving a lot of room for improvement.

  • Surrogates like Vivek Ramaswamy have shifted focus to personal projects, such as podcasts, which dilutes their presence as active campaign representatives and effective surrogates.

  • Congressional figures such as Byron Donalds and Chip Roy are potential key surrogates who can effectively communicate Trump's priorities and enhance his campaign presence.

  • The necessity for the Trump campaign to unify and coordinate closely with Congressional allies to present a cohesive policy agenda and messaging strategy is paramount for Trump's 2024 odds.

  • Looking ahead, the Trump campaign faces significant media scrutiny and needs to pivot strategically to challenge the Biden administration's record and gain electoral traction.



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