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Company Produces Enough ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Christmas Wrap To ‘Cover Six NFL Football Fields’

Merchandising company has announced that it has produced 260,000 square feet of “Let’s Go, Brandon” Christmas wrapping paper.

That's enough to cover six NFL football fields!

The conservative company says the wrapping paper has been a massive success.

“We’ve never seen anything like this. Thanks, Joe!,” BringAmmo founder Seth Weathers told the Washington Examiner, referencing President Joe Biden's poor job thus far.

“Since launching, we've printed over 260,000 square feet of Let's Go Brandon Wrapping Paper. That's enough to completely cover six NFL football fields. That’s wild,” Weathers added.

The Georgia-based company sells all kinds of conservative-themed goods, everything from clotjhing to coffee mugs.

“What started as a fun idea for current customers turned into a nationwide frenzy," Weathers said.

A company press release noted, "Since launching, the wrapping paper has consumed 3000 lbs of raw paper and kept a family-owned Georgia print facility busy around the clock."

Weathers said, “We’re having fun with the snowflakes, and we’re putting money in our local community, that makes for a very merry conservative Christmas."

“Let’s Go, Brandon” became a phenomenon after CBS Sports reporter Kelly Stavast interviewed NASCAR's Brandon Brown in October, who had just won a race.

Stavast asked Brown if he appreciated the crowd yelling "Let's Go Brandon" in support of him, when the crowd was clearly screaming “F*** Joe Biden."

Ever since, chanting or promoting the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” has become a popular way to say "F*** Joe Biden" without having to resort to cursing.

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