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Don't Tread on Me!

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

A viral video has been making its rounds on X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, and other social media platforms that shows a sit-down between a school administrator, a 12-year-old boy, and his mother.

The school official reiterates that its the School District policy in Colorado Springs that the 12-year-old patriot cannot wear the Gadsden flag patch (commonly know as the Don't Tread on me flag) because of its supposed "origins of slavery." Besides the fact that it is clearly a double standard between how right and left wing political messaging is treated, besides the fact that this is clearly protected speech under the first Amendment, it also happens to simply not be true.

The Gadsden flag originated during the American Revolution - as ships were all but required to fly under a flag (unless you were a pirate), the Gadsden flag started as a protest against the British - a warning - don't tread on our rights, showing the defensive rattlesnake ready to strike if provoked.

It is further a reiteration of Benjamin Franklin's "Join or Die" flag, - the first American political cartoon - was turned into a flag, which Franklin used to call for unity between the states - if they did not join together, they would not be able to stand against the British:

As opposed to the Join or Die flag, the Gadsden flag notably shows a fully intact snake. The states had united against British tyranny, and were ready to strike if their rights were, well, treaded on.

The Gadsden flag does not have origins to slavery, it has origins of American patriotism.

Leftists around the country, including in positions of relative authority like this school administrator, are emboldened in trampling on American's rights. They care not about history, free speech, or equal opportunity for expression - they continue to thrust their beliefs onto the most vulnerable. Our rights are not suggestions, and this 12-year-old said no. This 12-year-old said "Don't Tread on Me."


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