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Everything is on the Line in the Walker-Warnock Runoff

In one of the closest races Tuesday night - in recent memory - both incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker failed to surpass the 50% plus one vote threshold necessary to avoid a runoff in the Georgia U.S. Senate race.

And man were they inches apart, with Warnock at 49.42% and Walker with 48.52% with 95% of the votes counted as of this writing.

The Libertarian candidate got 2.07%. Take that away and we might be talking about Senator-Elect Walker right now.

This fight is going to be about much more than just who gets this Georgia seat. This special runoff election on December 6 could determine whether or not Republicans control the Senate.

This result could be HUGE in having the ability to stop Joe Biden's extreme agenda. It will be everything in stopping the Democrats in their tracks.

Not only should every conservative be fighting with Walker to win - this is all up to Herschel as well.

The Senate hangs in the balance.


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