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Five things we want from a new Republican Speaker...

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Kevin McCarthy is out - a new Republican Speaker of the House will eventually be in.

These are not suggestions - but COMMITMENTS - that will need to be made by whoever the next Republican House Speaker is...

These are absolute MUSTS for any real, substantive - and WINNING - conservative agenda.

1. Cut the federal government down to size

America's national debt is $33 trillion with no end to massive government spending in sight.

Inflation is the number one issue in every poll, anywhere. People are genuinely hurting.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, government spending has been on steroids. The gov't is spending two trillion dollars more than it is taking in.

Republicans can be solution providers for a country that desperately wants them. Cut the federal government down to size and be heroes for it.

2. Secure the border

The U.S.-Mexico border remains out of control, something H.R. 2, passed by the Republican House in May, would fix.

This is MUST pass legislation. We are now being overrun by illegal immigrants. The border wall alone will not be enough to stop people from getting in.

It's been said before but is worth repeating - a nation without a border is not a nation. Illegal drugs are surging across the U.S. Women and children are getting raped and murdered along the border and well within the country due to our porous border.

The current situation is absolutely sick, a humanitarian disaster. H.R. 2 can end it.

Republicans must vow to end our border chaos.

3. Honor your pledge - kill the IRS expansion

Make a commitment to America - one signature promise.

Biden's deceptively misnamed 'Inflation Reduction Act' included funding for well over 80,000 new IRS agents.

It's simple: DEFUND them.

Why would Republicans fund Biden's only signature legislative achievement?

No one asked for the IRS to get bigger. It's hard to imagine a poll anywhere in which Americans are clamoring for more IRS involvement in their lives.

This expansion will be used to target Republicans specifically, and more broadly, the middle class.

Working families don't deserve this and we can't afford it.

Honor a pledge for once, Republicans, and kill the IRS expansion.

4. No more Continuing Resolutions or Omnibus spending bills

Pass the the budget as the law demands and as the law requires - do not pile spending into lump government legislation and demand up or down votes.

Pass appropriations individually, under the budget terms and again, as the law requires.

It's not that hard: Follow the law.

5. Gut the prosecution of President Donald Trump

The Republican Speaker should NEVER ask a GOP member of Congress to vote for and have the taxpayers pay for the prosecution of the last Republican president and current party frontrunner.

It is absolute madness to even suggest it. The next Republican Speaker should make sure that the prosecution of Trump ends.

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