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ForAmerica Congratulates Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene on Her Re-Election

Tonight, ForAmerica congratulates Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene on her re-election to represent Georgia’s 14th Congressional District. ForAmerica had previously endorsed Greene.

ForAmerica President David Bozell said:

Marjorie has been a consistent champion of conservative causes from the moment she stepped foot in Congress. Whether its the Second Amendment, our broken borders, religious liberty, ridiculous Covid mandates and lockdowns, the right to life, you can always count on Marjorie to have her say and just as important, be heard.

Greene has campaigned on creating jobs, fighting inflation, and making it easier for people to begin small businesses. Georgians in her district know that a vote for her is a vote for someone who is unafraid to take a stand.

Bozell added:

Marjorie is fearless. If the Democrats think they can get their schemes over on the American people, she’s there to remind them it isn’t going to happen.

The new Congress convenes on January 3rd. Congratulations to Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene on her important victory.

ForAmerica believes in guaranteed constitutional rights, including the right to life at every stage of life. We believe America should have unlimited education and economic opportunities. We believe America should be energy independent using American resources. We demand the freedom to speak and practice our faith. We will accept nothing less than fair and honest elections, and a government that is transparent, accountable, and stays off the backs of the American people as much as possible.

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