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ForAmerica Congratulates Eric Burlison on Winning His Election

Tonight, ForAmerica congratulates Eric Burlison on winning his election to represent Missouri’s 7th Congressional District. ForAmerica had previously endorsed Burlison.

ForAmerica President David Bozell said:

Eric is a champion of the Second Amendment. He sponsored and passed the Constitutional Carry and Stand Your Ground Law in the Missouri Senate. He even overrode a governor's veto to get it passed. Eric also sponsored the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, showing his commitment to protecting life. He’s the kind of constitutional conservative the Republican Party needs and his district deserves to have in Washington representing them.

A conservative’s conservative, Burlison also understands the dangers posed by the Biden administration and the president’s radical party.

Bozell added:

Conservatives have a lot to lose if the Democrats get their way. Eric is in Congress to make sure that doesn’t happen.

The new Congress will convene on January 3rd. Congratulations to Eric Burlison on his important victory.

ForAmerica believes in guaranteed constitutional rights, including the right to life at every stage of life. We believe America should have unlimited education and economic opportunities. We believe America should be energy independent using American resources. We demand the freedom to speak and practice our faith. We will accept nothing less than fair and honest elections, and a government that is transparent, accountable, and stays off the backs of the American people as much as possible.


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