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Hail to the Redskins? Fighting Cancel Culture in Football

The Native American Guardian's Association (NAGA) has created a petition that has received over 72,000 signatures. This is part of NAGA's "educate not eradicate" campaign which is focused on "increased education about Native Americans, especially in public educational institutions, and greater recognition of Native American Heritage through the high profile venues of sports and other public platforms."

The team became the Washington Commanders in 2022 after a short stint as the Washington Football Team from 2020-2022. Previously, the team had been the Washington Redskins since being the 6th oldest NFL team in 1932. NAGA is advocating for a return of the Redskins moniker as a part of Native American heritage.

The petition reads in part,

We, are passionate supporters of the Washington Redskins and its rich history. We write to you today as a collective voice, urging you to reconsider the recent name change from the Redskins to the Commanders. We believe that restoring the original name, the Redskins, is the right decision for the team, its loyal fanbase, and the legacy it represents.
The name "Redskins" carries deep cultural, historical, and emotional significance, honoring the bravery, resilience, and warrior spirit associated with Native American culture. It was never intended as a derogatory or offensive term but as a symbol of respect and admiration. Changing the name abruptly disregards the positive legacy that the Redskins name has built over the years and disorients the passionate fans who have invested their emotions, time, and unwavering support in the team.

Check out the petition here and consider joining the Native American Guardian's Association's fight against cancel culture.


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