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Jen Psaki mocks Americans worried about Biden's "soft-on-crime" policies.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki can't figure out why Republicans want to address America's rising crime rate.

Hmm. Well let's see...

CBS News reported last week that "Homicides in major American cities increased in 2021, new study finds."

The Washington Post admits that "Homicide rates have soared nationwide."

The New York Times editorial board has addressed the rise in crime in its city.

Plenty of non-conservative outlets, PBS, NBC News, CNN and others have addressed this issue.

But Psaki just thinks it's a Fox News concoction, apparently.

She recently appeared on the Pod Save America Podcast where co-host Jon Lovett referenced Fox News’ Peter Doocy challenging questions to Psaki about increasing crime, as the press secretary snickered.

The clip Lovett played was from the Republican Twitter account.

Lovett said, “I watched your briefing today and I have to come back to this Doocy kid.“

"So here’s my question: He always puts out a ‘gotcha’ question, like today he basically asked two," the host continued. "Like one was ‘does President Biden think parents should be under the boot of nameless bureaucrats when it comes to their children’s education’ and the other was ‘does President Biden think crime is good?'”

Lovett added, “You do not fall for any of this bait to your credit, though I think someone much worse at your job would also not fall for these questions. Are you worried that he’s not adjusting? That there’s not a new strategy to try and catch you in some kind of ‘gotcha’ question?”

Psaki replied, “You know, I am not here to work for Peter Doocy or Fox."

"I will say, if you look at how it’s portrayed, how my answers are portrayed, even how I say ‘no, we don’t think crime is good and here’s all the things we’ve done,’ including the thing that makes Republicans crazy, just anecdotally by the hate tweets I get on Twitter when I say this is that they voted against funding for local cops’ programs because the American Rescue Plan, also that Biden has supported $300 billion more in funding and at the same time he also thinks we need police reform – it’s like they don’t know what to do with that," the press secretary added.

Then she laid heavy into Fox News heavy, implying that perceptions about rising crime have to do with how the conservative news outlet covers this issue.

Psaki continued, “But every time we say that it makes them crazy. I think it speaks to, if you look at Fox on a daily basis … on Fox is Jeanine Pirro talking about soft on crime consequences.”

Psaki then compared how Fox News covers stories compared CNN and MSNBC’s.

“I mean, what does that even mean?" Psaki wondered (emphasis added). "So there’s an alternate universe on some coverage and what’s scary about it is a lot of people watch that and they think the president isn’t doing anything to address people’s safety in New York and that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

No, Mrs. Psaki, the establishment press has been all over this story, too. Why? Because it's real. If you're an actual journalist - which remains an open question for many of these folks - you have to cover it.

It's the news. It's also an alarming reality in many of the cities where these spikes in crime are happening.

If this is the attitude of Team Biden - being dumbfounded that Republicans would focus on this issue - Democrats could take a beating in the 2022 midterm elections far harsher than what many already predict.


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