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Ketanji Brown Jackson Should Be Replaced as Supreme Court Nominee

During her confirmation hearing, Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn asked Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson a very simple question: Can you define the word “woman?”

“I can’t — ” Jackson replied.

“You can’t?” Blackburn said.

“Not in this context. I’m not a biologist,” Jackson replied.


What you are witnessing before your very eyes and ears is the death of common sense.

That a woman - and that's what she is, by the way - nominated to sit on the nation's highest court who will make some of the most important decisions that will shape our country can't clearly say what a woman is...clearly makes her unqualified.

If Brown Jackson or anyone else needs a few examples...

THIS is a woman:

Another woman:

Also women:

While we're at it:

Few if any people in the history of mankind would have disputed that any of these people were women before we entered the "woke" era in the U.S. and Brown Jackson said she wasn't qualified to determine what a woman is.

Which means she isn't qualified to sit on the Supreme Court.

Some have criticized Blackburn and others for their line of questions to Brown Jackson, but if she can't exhibit such basic common sense about the existence of females, why should we trust to her to make serious legal opinion that could affect us all?

No Republican should vote to confirm her.

We can expect Democrats to be stupid about this stuff. But if Republicans like Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Ben Sasse plan to confirm... what are they thinking?

Romney obviously wants to run for president capitalizing on some mythical lane of voters that exist only in his mind. All four of these milquetoast Republicans are constantly at war with their own party.

They shouldn't vote to confirm Brown Jackson - which means they probably will.

If Ketanji Brown Jackson not being a biologist prevents her from deciding what a woman is, she shouldn't be deciding anything else either.

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03 avr. 2022

Please forgive me for "talking too much and irrelevantly." As a communist refugee living in communist controlled areas twice my life - 9 years prior to 1954 and 16 years after 1975, i used to admire US political system. However, after four years, President Trump uplifted the huge stone that covered the dirty swamp, and I could see the system has been corrupted just as the same way I had experienced during the time I lived in the communist-controlled regions. US patriots should be strong and aware of their dooming future when: 1) marijuana is legalized. the is the indirect cause that brings the US down the ditch. Let's think: Is tobacco more harmful to health than marijuana? 2) transgender…


30 mars 2022

this lady does not need to be on our highest courts


28 mars 2022

Esta persona esta nominada por un pedofilo ilegal que esta ocupando uns silla que no le corresponde.Por lo tanto no debe ser ni escuchada.


26 mars 2022

Marsha Blackburn shouldn't be a semester either if she wants to ask so silly questions

26 mars 2022
En réponse à

She’s a Senator now? Suburban Housewife turned public representative without anything other than cursory knowledge of anything beyond the basics. Should’ve never risen beyond a county level job

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