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Let Loudoun County Know: NO ‘Critical Race Theory’ In OUR SCHOOLS!

Dr. Martin Luther King dreamed of an America in which people would “not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Loudoun County School Board needs to be reminded of this.

Critical Race Theory is the toxic idea that we should all be judged by the color of our skin. Whereas King taught that America was a nation founded on the principles of liberty, but not all had enjoyed freedom equally, Critical Race Theory teaches that our country has been irredeemably racist from the beginning and that there is no redemption for it.

This is anti-American trash and it is being taught in our schools, including Loudon County, Virginia.

A meeting has been announced for this Tuesday, June 22, where parents will be able to object to their kids being taught this garbage.

It’s encouraging to see so many parents and their neighbors standing up against the far left’s attempt to poison kids’ mind by injecting CRT into school curriculum. Loudoun County is not exactly a Republican stronghold, and yet so many in the community are pushing back.

No one wants this. Certainly not the people who actually live in Loudoun County.

Tuesday’s meeting will take place in the School Board meeting room at the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) Administrative Offices in Ashburn, Virginia.

According to school board officials, you can make your voice heard in-person at the meeting (, virtually or remotely ( or written ( The meeting will also be live-streamed on and televised on Comcast channel 18 and Verizon FIOS channel. (More info).

We need to make our voices heard. WEDNESDAY WILL BE TOO LATE.

A Virginia father of three whose kids go to Loudoun County public schools and his wife teaches in that system told Fox News last week, "She loves her kids, she loves the school, great school system...She wants them to get back to teaching and get away from pushing a political agenda inside the school."

He is right. Our children are supposed to be receiving an education, not indoctrination.

Loudoun County is not the only school district dealing with this issue, but it one of the most high profile in America right now. What happens in Loudon could have ramifications for other states and districts.

It could have ramifications for the youngest generations. Teaching kids to hate their country and themselves is something that needs to be stopped in this district and everywhere else.

Democrat Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe dismisses this issue as “another right-wing conspiracy” that is “totally made up.” Sure governor. Have you asked your kids what they have been learning in school, recently? Some of their answers might surprise you.

Some might horrify you.

Most people, no matter how they vote, want their children as far away from this radical agenda as possible. So let’s be heard on Tuesday. Our kids and America’s future could depend on it.


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