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Let's Cut Some Spending: $500,000 for a ski jump

Remember the absolutely critical Omnibus spending bill Congress muscled through at the end of last year? It was 4,000 pages that no one read and cost taxpayers $1.7 trillion.

In our Let's Cut Some Spending series, ForAmerica will chronicle parts of the 2021 and 2022 spending bills from a variety of sources that you probably don't know about - programs, grants and spending of all kinds that should have never happened in the first place and many that are still happening.

Today’s offering: $500,000 for a ski jump!

From Real Clear Policy and Open The Books’ Adam Andrzejewski:

Nansen Ski Jump in Milan, N.H., once the largest of its kind, got a half-a-million-dollar federal grant to restore the behemoth structure.
While that sounds like a worthwhile use of money, the state of New Hampshire owns and manages the jumping facility as a state park.
Why are taxpayers in the other 49 states paying for it?

This is a great question.

And remember, as we continue to show with our Let's Cut Some Spending series, this is but one example of reckless federal spending among so many.

Too many.


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