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New NBC Poll: Trump ‘Biggest Lead’ Yet Against Biden

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Donald Trump has led Joe Biden in multiple national polls for sometime.

Now, he has his biggest lead yet.

The New York Post reports, "Former President Donald Trump scored his largest lead yet against President Biden Sunday in a new NBC poll, as voters gave the incumbent poor marks across the board."

From the story:

Trump, 77, notched a 47% to 42% lead over Biden, 81, with registered voters, marking an increase from his 46% to 44% edge recorded in a November poll from the outlet.
“This is the biggest lead NBC has ever had in 16 polls for Donald Trump over Joe Biden,” NBC’s political correspondent Steve Kornacki told 'Meet the Press' on Sunday.
NBC has conducted polling on Trump vs. Biden for roughly five years. Historically, Biden has had the edge over his predecessor, but that started to shift last year.

Remember, this is NBC. Not exactly a channel that is a fan of Trump.

It's early February. We have nine months until election day.

It's possible things could turn around for Joe Biden given unforeseen circumstances.

But if things hold close to where they are now, with the president failing and appearing incompetent every time he turns around, there's no telling how low his numbers could go.

Stay tuned.


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