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Nick Freitas for Congress

Nick Freitas is a three term Virginia delegate, an Iraq War combat veteran and

former Green Beret. He leans libertarian and is backed by President Donald

Trump along with U.S. Sens. Mike Lee and Rand Paul.

Nick is the real deal.

He was never going to be the Republican establishment’s first pick, but Freitas is

currently the GOP nominee challenging for Virginia’s 7 th district seat held by one-

term incumbent Democrat Abigail Spanberger.

Spanberger defeated Republican Dave Brat in 2018, who ousted then-House

Majority Leader Eric Cantor in 2014 during the Republican primary. Spanberger

is the first Democrat to hold that seat in nearly a half century.

While Real Clear Politics rates the race a toss-up, this is a winnable seat for


Similar to Brat, Freitas is a conservative’s conservative, who is not only solid on

the issues, but will not allow GOP leadership to capitulate on them. There is a

reason Sens. Paul and Lee, who often buck their own party and battle

leadership, made the unusual move of getting involved in a GOP primary and

endorsed Freitas way back in December.

They recognize Freitas as the real deal, too.

Freitas first garnered national attention when he gave an impassioned defense of

the Second Amendment on the floor of the Virginia House in 2018. A video of the

speech went viral, exciting conservatives who saw in Freitas a leader who deeply

cared about their issues.

41-year-old Freitas is a pro-life Christian, a constitutionalist, a fiscal hawk, a

defender of religious liberty, for secure borders and a veteran who will vote to

keep the military strong but also supports President Trump’s “America First”

agenda of no more nation-building and fighting in other countries’ civil wars.

If President Trump wins next month, a Freitas win will not only increase

Republican numbers in the House, but he is an ideal leader to help hold the party

to a conservative agenda.

If Trump doesn’t win, there will be an all out war between conservatives and the

old GOP establishment over the party’s future—Freitas is exactly the kind of

Republican we want in that fight.

Virginia 7th Central has been historically red until Spanberger’s win two years


Let’s make her tenure an aberration.

Left politicians and prognosticators continue to portray a Joe Biden win and a

Republican down year as inevitable. Let’s shock them again by re-electing

President Trump and putting Nick Freitas in Congress where he belongs.

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