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Oh the Tangled Webs We Weave

After 21-year-old activist Quintez Brown was arrested and charged with trying to murder Kentucky mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg, the local Black Lives Matter chapter posted a $100,000 bond to bail the alleged shooter out.

The bond means that after allegedly shooting up the Louisville office of Greenberg's campaign, attempted murder suspect Brown was released from the Metro Department of Corrections and placed on home incarceration.

If this doesn't sound crazy enough - do Hillary Clinton and her allies have any role in Brown's release?

A Washington Examiner story on Wednesday titled, "Revealed: Clintonworld takeover of Black Lives Matter," reported that top Clinton operatives have taken significant positions within the BLM national organization.

"Black Lives Matter filings reveal prominent Democratic lawyer Marc Elias and another longtime ally of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have taken on key roles in the charity amid scrutiny over its leadership and finances," the Examiner reported. "Elias, best known for his funding of British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s discredited anti-Trump dossier while he served as Clinton’s 2016 campaign general counsel, appears to be representing the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation through his recently formed Elias Law Group."

Elias isn't alone. The Examiner noted, "Additionally, Minyon Moore, a longtime top ally of both Bill and Hillary Clinton, is now listed as part of BLM’s board of directors in the charity's filings." Moore is described as a "close Hillary confidante."

Most of the story details how intricately the finances and logistics of BLM are interwoven with these top Team Clinton figures, including one of three addresses for the national organization being "Elias Law Group."

It was a local BLM chapter that posted Bond for Brown, but how much funding do individual BLM chapters receive from the national organization? A February 2021 Associated Press story reported, "The foundation said it committed $21.7 million in grant funding to official and unofficial BLM chapters, as well as 30 Black-led local organizations. It ended 2020 with a balance of more than $60 million..."

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton told the Examiner, “There seems to be very little daylight between the Democratic Party and Black Lives Matter. An avowedly Marxist organization is now being represented by the most prominent Democratic Party lawyer in the country."

We know that Clinton doesn't like to talk to reporters asking hard questions, but she should be asked about an alleged assassin being bailed out by an organization that her closest allies are deeply involved with. Not that we expect establishment journalists to do their basic job.

As both Hillary and Bill Clinton reportedly reenter politics, someone needs to ask her if Craig Greenburg's life and attempts on it matter.

Unless she's too tired to answer:

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Apr 03, 2022

It would seem to the innocent un-informed bystander your site, and people, are related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine!

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