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Omar Calls for 'Dismantling' Police One Day After Officers Ambushed

One day after two Los Angeles County police officers were shot in an ambush, far-left Minneapolis U.S. Democratic Congresswoman called for "dismantling" the police and suggested that Joe Biden would be "responsive" to this idea.

"This is our time to get rid of Trump and that we elect someone who's going to be responsive to the policy positions we are advocating for," Omar said to MSNBC host Ali Velshi on Sunday.

Omar continued, "Biden's economic package is one that gets us a step closer to addressing the economic and social neglects that have went unaddressed for so long."

When Velshi asked Omar specifically about Minneapolis and efforts to defund the police in the city she represents, Omar replied, "The George Floyd murder in the hands of Minneapolis police has really opened our eyes to really understanding the credibility and crisis that the Minneapolis police department has had for so long."

"Half of the homicides goes unsolved by the Minneapolis Police Department," she continued. "We've heard many reports of rape kits being destroyed. So a majority of people in Minneapolis don't trust the Minneapolis police."

"When you have an institution that has lost the trust of the people it's supposed to serve, then you have to make a big decision on what you do with that institution."

She added, "And for so many of us, it is going through a process of dismantling that institution and coming together as a community to reimagine what public safety looks like for us."

But what does safety look like for police officers who risk their lives every day to protect the public?

That's not remotely on Omar's radar - and Joe Biden remains confused as ever.


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