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President Trump Praying for Officers Shot in Louisville Protest Violence

President Donald Trump said Wednesday on social media that he was praying for the two Louisville police officers who were shot during violent protests that unfolded in the wake of the verdict regarding the death of Breonna Taylor.

“Praying for the two police officers that were shot tonight in Louisville, Kentucky,” Trump shared on Twitter. “The Federal Government stands behind you and is ready to help.”

Acting Louisville Metro Police Department Chief Robert Schroeder confirmed in a press conference on Wednesday night that both officers were being treated in the hospital and that both were stable. He also confirmed police have one suspect in custody.

President Trump said that he also had a conversation with Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear about public safety in his state.

“We are prepared to work together, immediately upon request!” Trump said.

Earlier on Wednesday during a press conference, Trump said that Beshear had already called up the National Guard. “I understand he’s called up the National Guard, which is a good thing,” Trump said. “I think it’s a very positive thing. And it’ll all work out.”

Trump also had one more tweet late Wednesday night regarding the violent protests in Louisville and in other cities across the country.


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