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Pro-American Students Drown Out Pro-Palestine Protesters at LSU

Screenshot/RedWave Press X

When pro-Palestinian protesters started demonstrating at Louisiana State University recently they were met with another protest.

One from pro-American protesters who ended up drowning out the other side.

By blasting "Born in the USA" and singing "The Star-Spangled Banner!"

Pushback like this is happening in many places.

So are protesters' complaints and demands.

Pro-Palestinian LSU student Kim Huynhtruitt said that “By financially contributing and working with Israeli companies, universities, and the government itself, we are indirectly contributing to the death of Palestinians."

“It’s kinda hard to justify killing children,” said LSU student Andrew Castro.

Despite students saying these things the situation remained mostly civil.

The pro-American students had their say as well.

LSU's Mason Betts said, “We’ve got these students at LSU who’ve been brainwashed by some of our professors and they’re out here supporting terrorists today. So, we’re just out here trying to promote the message of America and freedom and hopefully they’ll catch on."

Jewish students Gabriella Magenheim and Hannah Poltorak described their experience at their school in recent days and weeks.

“We’re still fighting and we’re still here, but do I think the university is doing anything to protect us, absolutely not,” said Magenheim.

Poltorak added, “We feel so alone in the world and like Gabby just said, thank God we have our American friends here because I don’t know where we would be without them."

Things did remain peaceful that day and everyone had their say.

But the pro-American students far outweighed the other side, in both numbers and spirit.

One pro-American student even pointed out to the other side that Gaza has zero football championships.


Expect more protests.

And expect more pro-American protesters - we will try to cover as many patriotic counter-protests like this as we can find.

So... more of this please!




Where are all these student protests about what Russia has done in the Ukraine for the last 2+ years. They've bombed apartments, hospitals, theaters, power stations, train stations when they were filled with men, women and children. They've committed so many crimes against humanity in the Ukraine and now they've started using Chemical weapons again there. But where are the protestors, where is there outrage and support for a country and people the have been fighting Genocide for 2+ years???

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