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Reclaiming the "Redskins" could break the glass ceiling in the culture wars


TOPIC: David Bozell discusses the awesome progress of the Native American advocacy group's petition to return the Washington football team name back to "Redskins."


It's an opportunity to reverse something that has gone woke and was taken away from us... to stick it to the NFL too, which has definitely gone woke.


  1. The petition organized by the Native American Guardians Association to rename the Washington Commander's football team back to the Washington Redskins has gained significant traction.

  2. The petition initially had around 72,000 signatures after 2 months, and with the help of ForAmerica, it quickly reached over 92,000 signatures in just a few days.

  3. The ForAmerica community is encouraged to push the petition to reach the next milestone of 100,000 signatures.

  4. David Bozell believes that if teams like the Kansas City Chiefs can exist, then the Washington Redskins should also be able to exist or at the very least, wear their old logo and jersey as a throwback.

  5. The renaming of the team in the past was not just due to public pressure but was also a result of a financial dispute between Dan Snyder, the previous owner, and his minority partners.

  6. The current petition serves as an opportunity to reverse a "woke" decision and make a cultural statement.

  7. Some successful conservative actions such as Bud Light's decline, the success of the "Sound of Freedom" movie, and the popularity of the song "Rich Men North of Richmond" by Oliver Anthony are indicators that cultural conservation is a winning issue.

  8. The petition is hosted on, ensuring authenticity, as signatories' email addresses are not kept by the Native American Guardians Association.

  9. The purpose of the petition is not just for football fans but also for those who want to make a cultural statement against woke decisions.

  10. David Bozell urges listeners to support the #reclaimthename petition.




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Aug 17, 2023

HTTR. Bring it back


Aug 15, 2023

How about the Cleveland Indians?

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