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Repeal Section 230

President Trump has formally announced his veto threat of the National Defense Authorization Act -- the screen shots of the administration's statement are below.

At issue is the President's call to repeal, or at minimum, reform, Section 230 of Communications Decency Act. This provision basically enabled social media to explode into our lives.

We are with the President on repealing Section 230 one hundred percent. We are all for trying something new, and if that means repealing 230, then so be it.

That 230 was part of the Communications Decency Act is laughable irony, as social media only breeds indecency. Social media stymies human interaction. It is raising far too many of our nation's children. Check out the documentary "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix if you want to see how rotten social media can really be.

Pro Lockdown officials are also using social media as a crutch to continue these harmful policies. Keeping 230 intact may keep the big social networks alive, but countless other businesses are dying because blue mayors and governors are using social media as cover to keep their locales shut down. Social media is dominated by folks who prefer to be shut down, and are egging on these liberal mayors and governors to keep it that way.

Where one business model thrives, countless other businesses are dying. Conservatives ought to consider these consequences as well.

Could conservatives be limited in participating in the public square if 230 was repealed? Possibly! But we're almost being shut out anyway. The Media Research Center has a running tally:

From their running daily totals, as of yesterday:

  • Number of times Trump and Trump campaign censored by Twitter: 345

  • Number of times Biden and Biden campaign censored by Twitter: 0.

I'd like to see America return to a world without the cesspool of social media, and while I don't think that would happen by repealing 230, I think we're at a stage where we should risk it. Our nation's kids deserve a better presentation about America than what silicon valley provides.


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