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Report: Feinstein Didn't Wear Mask At Airport After Demanding Airport ‘Mandatory Mask Policy’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealed photos Monday that allegedly show Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein not wearing a mask while walking through an airport.

Carlson noted the incident took place after the Democratic senator wrote a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration in July demanding that masks must be worn by “all airport and airline employees and passengers."

Carlson featured a video news clip from June before airing the photos in which a reporter says, “More and more lawmakers are calling for nationwide rule on wearing face coverings. Senator Dianne Feinstein has written to federal agencies asking for a mandatory mask policy both in the air and on public transit.”

Feinstein wrote a letter to the FAA that stated, "I write to urge you to implement a mandatory mask policy for all airport and airline employees and passengers as cases of coronavirus continue to surge. I ask that you issue guidance as soon as possible so passengers can have a clear understanding of the requirements and so that we may reduce exposure for workers and travelers alike."

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend a comprehensive strategy to protect oneself from exposure to coronavirus while traveling on public transit, including the use of a mask, since social distancing is oftentimes not manageable on a crowded bus, train, or plane," the letter read.

Feinstein would add (emphasis added), "Therefore, I ask that you issue clear, nationwide, mandatory mask requirements for all aviation employees and travelers."

Carlson said of the alleged photos of a maskless, airport-dwelling Feinstein, “Well, given that, today, this show exclusively obtained photographs of — and this going to rock your world — Dianne Feinstein in a private terminal at Dulles airport, an FBO as they say in private aviation, on Friday.”

“In the photographs, Feinstein can be seen smiling without a mask on,” Carlson noted.

Carlson's staff attempts to reach Feinstein’s office for comment were unsuccessful.


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