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Republicans Aren't Even Trying

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

TOPIC: David Bozell discusses the political dynamics surrounding government shutdowns, the Republican Party's stance on them, and the legacy of Rush Limbaugh in shaping conservative thought.


"We are funding our own demise; the Republicans are funding their own demise politically, conservatives are funding our own demise from a policy perspective. It has to stop. We were promised it would stop. That should be the mantra of every serious member of Congress."


  1. Kevin McCarthy's belief that Republicans lose in shutdown scenarios is wrong when you look at historical election results.

  2. The Republican Party is not limiting government expansion and is not honoring campaign promises - so what purpose does it serve?

  3. Rush Limbaugh's influence in conservative circles is deeply missed, and his clarity of vision was unmatched.

  4. The House Freedom Caucus seeks border security and an end to the weaponization of the Department of Justice before passing a CR.

  5. The Republican Party's inconsistency in opposing policies while funding them is intellectually dishonest.

  6. Republicans cannot enter these battles expecting to lose. We can't afford to have party leadership chart a course to defeat.



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