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ForAmerica's 2022 Second Quarter Report

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

In quarter two, ForAmerica took liberal fact-checking site, NewsGuard, to task and encouraged other conservative organizations in the media ecosystem to do the same after receiving a miserably high “credibility” score of 70.

Now, you may be thinking, "Why is a high 'credibility' score of 70 miserable?" The reason is that NewsGuard gave The New York Times a 100% "credibility" rating, while FOX News, The Washington Times, and The New York Post earned an average of 66%, according to a report from Media Research Center. Yes, you read that correctly, NewsGuard, views The New York Times as the gold standard for truth.

NewsGuard emailed ForAmerica a couple of times asking us to improve our score by taking action on the items marked with a red "X." We, of course, ignored their emails.

Here is the the ForAmerica Show podcast that NewsGuard mentioned above. To further spread the word about NewsGuard's illustrious score system, I wrote an article in The Washington Times titled, Time for Conservative Media to Defy NewsGuard, the Left's Fact-Checkers. Here is an excerpt:

As I have reflected on ForAmerica’s miserably high score of 70, I have come to realize that the way conservatives should handle the zealous censors is not to grovel and play the fact-checking game. We should, instead, shrug and keep telling the truth. NewsGuard’s temper tantrum and shouts of 'Liar, liar, pants on fire' only work as long as we appear to care.
The truths worth defending are the very truths the Left is so determined to deny. I’m renewing my commitment at ForAmerica to be the voice of the truths the Left wants to suppress.
Abortion is the ending of an innocent life. The COVID-19 lockdowns were a mistake, and we never should have kicked children out of school during the pandemic. Election integrity laws don’t prevent people from voting. Gun control won’t work. Our elevated gas prices are the direct result of the Left’s war on the oil-and-gas industry. Mr. Biden’s presidency is a joke. Boys cannot become girls. There are gender differences. Walls work.
Yes, these are all truths worth defending.
I, for one, will not stop proclaiming these truths until ForAmerica has a 0% truth score from NewsGuard....
The New York Times is considered 100% 'credible' by NewsGuard, why would you settle for anything more than a zero?

We measure the impact of our content and messaging in two meaningful ways, QUANTITY and QUALITY.

The QUANTITY of our audience is the sheer number of people that see our content, engage with our content, or watch our content.

Here are our numbers proclaiming the truths in quarter two, April - June 2022:

  • Total reach: 320M

  • Engagements: 37M

  • Video views: 10M

  • Traffic referrals: 312K

  • ForAmerica website: 722K

And here are our numbers proclaiming the truths for the first half of 2022 combining our first and second quarter numbers, January - June 2022:

  • Total reach: 562M

  • Engagements: 61M

  • Video views: 20M

  • Traffic referrals: 1.5M

  • ForAmerica website: 1.2M

Our social media calculator, powered independently by, estimates it would have cost a firm $7,959,008 to pay for ads seen by as many people as ForAmerica reached organically. A contribution to ForAmerica is as unique and cost-effective as any donation opportunity that exists.

The QUALITY of our audience is determined by what influencers, elected officials, organizations, and media share or publish our content, and spread it to their audiences.

Here is a small sample of those who proclaimed the truths with us in quarter two:

Influencers: Donald Trump, Jr., Dan Scavino, Gina Carano, Sean Davis, Tammy Bruce, Lisa Boothe, Brigitte Gabriel, Nick Freitas, Ken Cuccinelli, Dan Bongino, Tony Bruno, Christina Pushaw, Matt Vespa, Jenna Ellis, Mercedes Schlapp, Bo Hines, Jon Blum, Erick Erickson, Nate Madden, Catalina Lauf, Kristina Wong, Larry Elder, Jim Hanson, Kato Kaelin, Kaelan Dorr, John Cardillo, Dr. Kelli Ward, Joe Bonasall, Joel Lambert, Bobby Burack, Kevin Corke, Lisa Matassa, Steve Deace, Beth Baumann, Michael Knowles, Jack Posobiec, Robby Starbuck, Jeff Hunt, and Harmeet Dhillon.

Elected Officials: Present: Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), Rep. Chip Roy (TX), Rep. Jim Banks (IN), Rep. Andy Biggs (AZ), Rep. Troy Nehls (TX), Rep. Mary Miller (IL), Rep. Yvette Harrell (NM), Rep. Darrell Issa (CA), and Rep. Brian Mast (FL). Former: Rep. Jonathan Strickland (TX) and Sen. Jim DeMint (SC).

Organizations: FreedomWorks, NewsBusters, Turning Point USA, Tea Party Patriots, RNC Research, National Republican Senatorial Committee, Republican Study Committee, House Freedom Caucus, GOP House Judiciary, Young America's Foundation, and Club for Growth.

Media: Fox News, Newsmax, The Federalist, The Daily Wire, Daily Caller, The Blaze, The Washington Times, National Review, Washington Examiner, Breitbart News, Powerline, Outkick, Townhall, and Yahoo!.

ForAmerica memes make a regular appearance on Newsmax's weekly Meme Team segment, which highlights the best memes against the Left for any particular week.

The featured meme:

Here are some of ForAmerica's best social media posts in the second quarter:



Impressions: 10,272,223

Engagements: 2,032,508

Engagement Rate: 19.8%




Impressions: 6,809,767

Engagements: 765,805

Engagement Rate: 11.2%




Impressions: 4,771,962

Engagements: 615,158

Engagement Rate: 12.9%




Impressions: 4,201,099

Engagements: 668,415

Engagement Rate: 15.9%




Video Views: 2,646,499

Impressions: 4,063,375

Engagements: 920,665

Engagement Rate: 22.8%

As mentioned in my Washington Times article defying NewsGuard, a truth worth defending is: Abortion is the ending of an innocent life. ForAmerica believes the right to life at every stage of life. We were elated, as I'm sure you were too, by the Supreme Court's decision to reverse the Roe v. Wade ruling. In case you missed it, here is our e-newsletter, The Cannon, on that momentous and historical day.

Real quick, here is another edition of The Cannon highlighting our "Build Back Better" meme series. For a tease, here are couple of the memes:

To ensure Members of Congress also proclaim the truths, ForAmerica initiated a high-impact Endorsement Program, endorsing U.S. House and Senate candidates for the upcoming midterms. Bring on the red tsunami!

Both Congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Greene and Mary Miller received our endorsement in quarter two.

We sent the following message via email to Congresswoman Mary Miller's campaign after her primary win on June 28 that unseated RINO Congressman Rodney Davis:

We were proud to help Congresswoman Miller across the finish line in her primary...and look forward to doing the same in the general election. During a 5-week time span, we published 13 posts about her on our social media platforms. Our posts reached a total of 878,326 individuals. Each post had an extremely high engagement rate of over 9%. Our posts had a total of 76,790 engagements (reactions, comments, and shares).

Congresswoman Miller's campaign was grateful for our work.

Through our Endorsement Program, we are focusing on races where our endorsement and targeted activities will play a decisive role in the outcome. We tell our endorsed candidates - ForAmerica will engage its audience to act, because when ForAmerica engages, America wins!

Speaking of midterms and ForAmerica engaging, we have published social media posts this year to communicate with an important voting demographic, Hispanics. According to a recent Quinnipiac University poll, their approval rating of President Biden has decreased from 50% to 19% and their disapproval rating has increased from 36% to 70% in a little over a year.

Our posts so far have garnered the following numbers:

  • Impressions: 7,329,778

  • Engagements: 613,861

  • Engagement Rate: 8.4%

And just because, why not? A few more posts before I conclude this report...

Our ability to marry the issues-of-the-day to pop culture on the world's most popular communication platforms creates political and cultural impact.

We activate, educate, entertain, and inspire Americans with useful content that they can share with one click button. Our audience has and continues to deliver wins on the electoral, legislative, and cultural fronts - when ForAmerica engages, America wins!

Thank you for your incredible support and working with us to proclaim the truths and neutralize the Left's onslaught. Together, we are saving America.

Never give the Left a free day!


David Bozell

President, ForAmerica


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