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Sports Fans Across America Curse Joe Biden

Between his botched handling of COVID and the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan - what do we put in between those disasters? Massive spending? Court packing? Tax hikes? The list is endless - many Americans are not happy with President Joe Biden.

And they are yelling it from the rooftops. Or, more accurately, sports stadiums. Many college football fans (and other sports fans) are now doing this. All over the country.

As football season heats up and Biden disapproval rate goes down, more and more people are starting 'F Joe Biden' chants at games.

Here are the top 7 we found (there are many more!):

1. ROLL TIDE! (and F Joe Biden)

Not surprisingly, the president doesn't seem to have a lot of fans at the University of Alabama.

2. Yankees and Mets (and F Joe Biden)

This phenomenon is definitely not just a Southern thing. Here's what some fans had to say on their way out of a Yankees and Mets game.

On 9/11, no less.

3. University of Michigan ain't got time for Biden

Wolverine voice their opinion of this president.

4. University of Dayton ain't got time for Biden

Are you listening, Mr. President?

5. East Carolina University are not fans of 'Uncle Joe'

Sweeping the nation!

6. Texas A&M ain't got time for Biden

"I love it!"

7. We hear you Tennessee!

Vols ain't playing.

BONUS: It's happening everywhere!

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