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Tell your representative to vote for Jim Jordan for House Speaker!

Last week, Republicans nominated Rep. Jim Jordan for the next House Speaker.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 17, there will be a vote.

Is your representative voting for Jim Jordan? BECAUSE THEY SHOULD!

CALL the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Ask them to contact your representative.

Ask your representative if he/she is supporting Jim Jordan!

You're already having an impact.

The Biden administration has put America in a mess - from our wide open borders, to inflation, to hiring an army of new IRS agents, spending bills passed that no one reads - we need strong Republican leadership in Congress.

And to lead Congress. Jim Jordan fits that bill, with major endorsements from high profile conservatives and proven grassroots leadership.

Of course, Democrats are in full attack mode.

Conservatives should strike back. This is the greatest opportunity we've had in some time to have effective leadership in a Republican majority Congress.

Call the Capitol switchboard and contact your representative - (202) 224-3121 - and tell them to vote for Jim Jordan!


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