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THANK YOU, Democrat Elites...

Back in February, we thanked the Hollywood elite who attended the Super Bowl for showing us that masks are no longer needed.

They did us all a real public service.

Now, Democrat elites are doing the same thing. A large crowd of them joined together in Washington, DC over the weekend where politicians, reporters, and various celebrities could enjoy the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner WITHOUT masks!

Try and find a mask in this crowd.

See any masks here?

How about here?

Surely, the president was wearing a mask.


How about comedian Trevor Noah?

No mask for him either.

These beautiful and brave elitists showed America and the entire world that masks are no longer needed. Over 2,000 people, shoulder to shoulder, not covering their faces.

Here's a short video of this maskless mass event!

Surely, Dr. Anthony Fauci did not attend this event with all these people not wearing masks.

He did not. And he did cite health concerns.

So, instead he went to the pre-party! Without a mask!

Check it out!

What a bunch of great people - Don Lemon, Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden - all leading the way in showing that using masks to protect us from COVID-19 is behind us now. These true pioneers have shown us the path out of this pandemic.



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