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Conservatives React to Biden's Insane Student Loan Bailout

Maybe you are someone who went to college and worked hard to not accumulate student debt.

Perhaps you did not go to a university because it was cost prohibitive. Maybe you were a parent who worked themselves to the bone to pay for your child's education because you did not want your son or daughter to have a mountain of debt.

But if you did any of these things, President Biden doesn't have anything for you. In fact, with his student loan forgiveness program, Joe is actually mocking any American who has tried to be fiscally responsible when it comes to higher education.

Still, if you are someone with student debt that you haven't paid back - Biden's got your back!

Many Americans are outraged at this White House's latest stunt and particularly conservatives.

Here are some of the best reactions we have found to Biden's latest round of bad news:

Before we get too far, we should note that even Nancy Pelosi has admitted that President Biden does not have the authority to do this.

Here is her actually saying it.

So many questions...

Then there's the Nuge.

Are Democrats remotely worried about further inflation?

In the end, this initiative is so unfair to so many working class Americans.


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