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Your Weekly Blast of Infotainment

Happy Weekend! As you read this CANNON and all future editions, don't get angry. Get determined. Each meme is a Call to Action (CTA) for America. We must stand up and call out the absurdity of the Left - NEVER GIVE THE LEFT A FREE DAY!


💰 Bidenomics Strikes Again:

This week, Silicon Valley Bank - the 16th largest bank that largely provided services as a venture capital source for tech startups - faced bank runs causing it to close and triggering a domino effect that crippled the banking sector around the world. This is just the next step in the Biden economy, as economists say this is largely a result of the inflationary spiral brought on by the administration's wasteful spending. Although it feels like a repeat of the 2008 economic collapse, this is just part and parcel of Bidenomics.

Be sure your sound is on for the below video...

Again, be sure your sound is on for the below video...

🏛️ House Republicans Getting Down to Business:

The House Homeland Security Committee took a trip to the southern border for a hearing, where the Democrats decided not to show up. Perhaps our national security is less important to them than virtue signalling is, but the House GOP is committed to securing our border. Additionally, the House Freedom Caucus continues to do their job - releasing their plan to cut federal spending and refusal to raise the debt ceiling until the Biden administration relinquishes some of its stifling policies hurting Americans. We're excited to support their efforts with continued coverage of the topic.

🗞️ Let's Cut Some Spending: My, oh my, where has our money gone? In our Let's Cut Some Spending blog series, we're pointing out some of the most outrageous wastes of public money in the past couple of years. There are a lot of examples, but read below or click here to learn more about what Washington has been burning cash on.

🕚 And More CTAs...

👀 What's Ahead This Week: The debt ceiling fight continues to heat up with the demands from the House Freedom Caucus. Stay tuned for more information as negotiations happen regarding the border, reckless spending, and the national debt.

Plus, things are heating up for the 2024 presidential election, with a handful of candidates now in the race on both sides. Trump has been going after Ron DeSantis, who began receiving endorsements last week despite not officially announcing a presidential bid. Keep an eye out for new developments.


The Left doesn't stop, so neither do we! NEVER GIVE THE LEFT A FREE DAY!

Until next time... The ForAmerica Team ForAmerica Website ForAmerica is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit corporation, qualified under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRS). ForAmerica relies on the private financial support of the general public for its income, and accepts no government funds and performs no contract work. Donations are not tax-deductible consistent with IRS Section 170(c).


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