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The Left is Very Angry!


Partial Transcript:

DAVID: I want to show you how apoplectic the Left gets when you start to talk about defunding their precious little programs within the federal government. They go nuts, which proves to me that the House Freedom Caucus and what they wanna accomplish over the summer and into the fall, as it relates to appropriations and federal funding and overall spending, and this debt ceiling increase, they are over the target.

Because look how absurd the Left becomes over... wait for it... $5,000. Okay, now this all started obviously with the indictment outta the Manhattan DA and three folks -- Jim Jordan, James Comer, and Brian Steele, Congressmen -- write a letter to Bragg essentially asking him, how much-- tell us the amount of federal funds that were used to pull this off, to investigate Trump and to prosecute Trump.

And then Andy Biggs, Congressman from Arizona puts out a statement on March 30th, "I will use every leverage I have to defund every single federal dollar from this prosecuting office." Now, according to Breitbart, "Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office revealed to House Republicans on Friday in a letter obtained by Breitbart News that roughly $5,000 in federal funds has gone toward Bragg’s office’s investigation of former President Donald Trump or the Trump Organization."


Okay, five grand. That's not a lot in the grand scheme of things. Let's just be honest about that. That's a small amount of money in the grand scheme of things, so we should easily cut that, right?

Otherwise, we are funding as John Q. Taxpayers, you and me - we're funding this prosecution. And in a lot of ways, we've indicted him.

We've indicted our own guy.

He says yes to the DOJ and FBI and where that cutoff is, he goes on to say, "and what I'd really like would just be these agencies not interfering in the elections. Just get off our backs and let us decide who we want to have lead us."

Perfectly reasonable answer. That should be easy to do. Well, these guys-- you could be talking about $1 and these guys go ape-sh*t crazy. Here's a Rolling Stone headline today, "Jim Jordan Is Cool With Defunding the Police — as Long as it’s the FBI and DOJ." I mean, that's the most hyperbolic thing in the world.

The Newsweek was more succinct. "Jim Jordan Vows to Defund the Police Over Donald Trump Indictment." That was April 3rd, today. They include the quote, "we control the power of the purse, and we're going to have to look at the appropriation process and limit funds going to some of these agencies, particularly the ones who are engaged in the most egregious behavior,"

And so you've got two left-wing rags and there's more out there going crazy over the idea that Jim Jordan and his house colleagues would dare cut $5,000 from the Manhattan DA's office. How dare are they? And that just goes to prove how essential this spending fight is going to be coming up in the summertime.


If you want the federal government to stop going after our people, our candidates, our businesses, our schools, our way of life - you have to defund them. You have to cut them off from the money train, and that's our taxpayer dollars.


But I just think it's a riot to watch the Left just go apoplectic on a measly $5,000. Just wait until the Republicans want to cut the IRS down to size. They're gonna go absolutely crazy and I can't wait to watch it.



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