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The Secrets of Coco Chow


DAVID: I've become a little obsessed with "Coco Chow," Trump's nickname for Mitch McConnell's wife, Elaine Chow. Trump calls her Coco Chow. So, I'll read you a few of his Truth statements. This is from January the ninth. "Republicans can get almost everything back that, 'the old broken crow,' Mitch McConnell and the real 'leader,' China centric Coco Chow stupidly gave up to the Democrats over the last two years by simply playing tough in the upcoming debt ceiling negotiations."

So, that was one instance of Coco Chow. And here's another one. This is January the 11th. "Biden's documents are highly confidential. Many pertain to Ukraine where Hunter was 'raking in the dough' and funded by China, which gave $55 million to Biden through Penn and probably had easy access. Was the Old Crow's boss, China loving Coco Chow, involved? Just asking?"

That's my favorite one... was... was the old crow's boss, China-loving Coco Chow... Ooh, here's one. I think yesterday, January 23rd. "Does Coco Chow have anything to do with Joe Biden's classified documents?"

Oh, boy. And here's another one from January 9th. "Great job Kevin," talking about McCarthy. "Great job, Kevin. We must now stop Mitch McConnell and his China flagrant boss, Coco Chow." Look, I have a little bit of a speculative theory— just speculation, just a theory. Maybe, just maybe, Mitch McConnell's nickname for his wife is Coco, right? Her last name is Chow... and maybe, you know, some guys have pet nicknames for the wives... and maybe it's Coco. Maybe Trump knows this. And so, if that were the case, would it be an insult?

Is it really an insult as it stands? I mean, I guess so. I mean, sure. If you're being fair... I mean, I don't care... It doesn't bother me. But I thought, man...that's so out of nowhere, Coco, ... there's a whole Seinfeld episode. Everything comes back to Seinfeld, where Costanza gets nicknamed KOKO, KOKO the monkey when he's... working for the the stone company, the stone cleaning company... and that boss was terrible.

And he has nicknames for all his staff, and George wants to be called T-Bone. And the boss says, "no, you're gonna be named KOKO the Monkey." So... Trump's selected "Coco Chow" as the nickname for Elaine Chow. And he just keeps it up. And you can see all the sort of Trump-hating liberal media guys they're all going around... same old, same old.

Like, "there's Trump. He'll never win... he'll never win because of all the insults." But something tells me that either it's a pet nickname that Mitch has for his wife, or if you focus on some of the other points made, if you can call them that in these Truth statements. Trump calls her "China loving," "they're all close to China..." a lot of stuff about China... "his China flagrant boss, Coco Chow."

Maybe he's trying to kind of send a shot across the bow, which this kind of thing I've actually kind of grown frustrated with because I think Trump does this a lot. I think he knows a lot of things now, particularly as President. And, he speaks in code and... I think it may be a little too cute by half.

Look, if you got something...if Mitch McConnell was really compromised by China, and you know it... and you think it's a legit national security beef... a national security concern, well then I think you should release that to the public. But playing games, if this is in fact a game, if you're just trying to show Mitch McConnell that you know... and only Mitch McConnell that you know... and say something that only Mitch McConnell might know... I don't know, I'm sort of over that.

But, Trump... if there's anything about Trump... he knows the art of communications and he understands how to capture headlines, keep headlines, keep the attention on... the spotlight on what he wants focused on.

He's still the best in the business at that--still. And I do think he's gonna go back on Twitter. I think if you're running for president, and you got 91 million followers... you just cannot give that up. So I think... if he's really, really serious he's gonna come back, and then it'll be game on from there.

And all these other people who were thinking about running... I saw Nicky Haley's teaser the other day. Ay caramba, it could not have gotten more boring.... you know, "I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I," that's all she said... "I, I, I, I can do this. I've done that. I predicted that. I did, I did..." that's not gonna play.

But I really think that there's... something that we're not... I don't think he just picks Coco out of thin air. There's something more discreet going on between the two men that only the two men know. That's pure speculation on my part. Just having fun.


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Jan 29, 2023

Please don’t…ever write a story…like this….again. Exhausting to read and even harder to discern meaning when every thought seems to devolve into…

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