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They're charging Trump with WHAT?!?

Special Counsel Jack Smith has indicted Donald Trump on the charge that he made "knowingly false" statements about the 2020 presidential election.

Let's say he did and let's say he didn't. It doesn't matter. That speech is protected by the First Amendment. We could say that Santa Claus and the Loch Ness Monster are creatures from Mars who created Hillary Clinton in a laboratory, and despite how ridiculous that sounds, it is still protected speech under the U.S. Constitution.

George Washington University's Jonathan Turley said it bluntly:

The hatred for Trump is so all-encompassing that legal experts on the political left have ignored the chilling implications of this indictment. This complaint is based largely on statements that are protected under the First Amendment. It would eviscerate free speech and could allow the government to arrest those who are accused of spreading disinformation in elections.

This is a clear attempt by the Biden White House and Democrat Party to stop Donald Trump from running again for president.


If the Left now seems set on shredding the First Amendment and the Constitution over Trump allegedly spreading "knowingly false" information, who else could we apply this new standard to?

Let's run down the list!

I mean...


Biden is the king of spreading "knowingly false" info.

On his son alone!


There's also the LYING QUEEN!

Here's a collection of random Dems saying knowingly false things. It's a regular habit.


If we restrict the "knowingly false" charge to just lying about elections, plenty of Democrats have lied and continue to lie about the 2016 presidential election.

There are too many lies to count!

This indictment is about more than just Trump. It is an attack on every Americans' free speech rights and creates the unprecedented weaponization of one party against the other through our legal system and in defiance of the Constitution.

Democrats pretend to care about our democracy - this latest move basically proves that's their biggest lie of all.


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