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Time to defund the Biden administration

IRS whistleblowers have confirmed that Hunter Biden sold access to his father, President Joe Biden, confirming the Oversight Committee's findings about the Biden family. One of those seeking access was Ukraine-based energy company Burisma. We know that the Department of Justice helped cover up for Biden by blocking criminal investigations and refusing to follow up on evidence.

We know that both the IRS and DOJ knew much of this even before the 2020 presidential election, refused to pursue charges then and they have still not been pursued.

We can impeach this administration but that doesn't really help Americans.

So let's defund it.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy faces a choice: Either impeach or defund the Biden administration, but not holding the criminal-in-chief accountable not only lets him off the hook for some very serious charges, it makes everyone complicit in the Biden family's crimes.

Democrats have urged us to believe all whistleblowers in the past. This time should be no different. We should definitely believe the IRS employees who have now come forward, at great risk to their reputations and careers, who are telling us that Hunter Biden's criminal behavior including taking bribes and massive tax evasion are being ignored by authorities simply because he's the president's son. These whistleblowers face retaliation from the federal government for their revelations. There is no incentive for them to share their knowledge with the public other than wanting others to know the truth.

The risk they've taken shouldn't be fruitless.

Any current or future planned "aid" to Ukraine should be halted immediately.

The Biden administration is clearly compromised and until an investigation could prove otherwise, the American taxpayer shouldn't be on the hook for the Biden family's schemes abroad.

Not to mention, at a minimum, Hunter Biden should be in jail right now.

Joe Biden appears to have committed crimes that rise to impeachable offenses, but defunding his entire administration would be a better route. He has used and abused his office for his family's gain and to the detriment of his country, so now let's take the power of that office way from him.

To do nothing would be to endorse his crimes.

We've done that long enough already.

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