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Unhinged: Liberals Gone Wild

On this week after it was leaked that the Supreme Court might overturn Roe v. Wade, the Left is getting uglier by the minute. From the protests taking place in front of the Supreme Court to activists camping outside Supreme Court Justices' homes, pro-abortion radicals are showing everyone what extremes they are willing to go to.

They are even interrupting church services.

How disrespectful.

But these people know no limits.

This is outside Justice Brett Kavanaugh's home.


Activists are encouraging people to disrupt church services.

It's tense outside the Supreme Court.

A scene in Los Angeles.

This pro-life man asks pro-choice protesters if unborn black lives matter.

He's met with silence.

Oh, and by the way, the Biden administration doesn't have a "position" on Supreme Court Justices getting harassed outside their homes.

Not surprising.

Unfortunately, we should expect this kind of activity to get worse before it gets better.

Stay tuned. Continue to pray.

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