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Who The Hell is Miles Taylor??

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Most conservatives stopped trusting the New York Times decades ago, but that

paper still has a knack for reminding us just how subservient to the left it really is.

Over the summer, Republican Senator Tom Cotton wrote an op-ed for The Times endorsing the idea of deploying federal law enforcement to quell the riots that were occurring in

major cities. Many Americans debated at the time whether that approach might

have been necessary. It was a fairly mainstream conversation.

Within days, due to pressure from the Times’ “woke” staff and other assorted

leftists, the outlet issued an apology.

That’s right. An apology.

For running a column by a sitting member of Congress, who just happened to be a

Republican and held an opinion they didn’t like.

This week, we learned that the identity of the NYT’s 2018 ‘Anonymous’ column

critical of President Trump, written by a supposedly “senior official in the Trump


The author was some guy named Miles Taylor.

Miles, who? Exactly.

‘Anonymous’ told us that President Trump was unfit for office and a danger to the

country. This author knew because this person had seen the supposed chaos up

close in his or her administration role. The New York Times touted him or her as a

“senior official” and admitted it was a “rare step” to publish the column


Taylor was chief of staff to three secretaries of Homeland Security. He had no

direct access to the president. He was not intimately involved enough with the

inner workings of the White House to be able to see what he thought was so


He was not a "senior official" in the administration or the White House. Taylor was staff, inside one agency. In fact, to borrow a sports analogy, Taylor's position in the White House hierarchy was that of a "J.A.G.," in other words, "Just Another Guy."

No one has ever heard of this guy. He’s not that significant. When Trump called

Taylor a “nobody” and a “disgruntled employee” after his big reveal Wednesday,

the president’s descriptions were closer to the truth than “senior official.”

Taylor left his job in 2019 and became… a CNN contributor. Of course he did.

This guy even told Chris Cuomo Wednesday night that Trump was pursing “Nazi-

like” immigration policies. Hyperbole much?

In this election Taylor has worked with the anti-Trump Lincoln Project and has

endorsed Joe Biden for president.

Obviously he is an objective and impartial observer of the Trump administration

who the New York Times should elevate and give a major platform. What a joke.

But this is what the New York Times does and has done for a very long time:

Serve as a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party under the guise of objective


It’s a partisan racket. Conservatives know this. The New York Times just keeps

reminding us.


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