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Will TikTok Be Banned?

Updated: Mar 16

TOPIC: The TikTok Debate and Its Broader Implications



"It's not just a balloon in the sky, folks, it's right here in your pocket."


  • TikTok is largely controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and is under scrutiny for spying on Americans, raising national security concerns.

  • Younger users view TikTok as essential, highlighting a generational gap in the perception of social media's importance.

  • Beyond TikTok, there's a broader issue of privacy and the extensive data collection by big tech and social media platforms on their users, which is especially concerning when it comes to minors.

  • While there's momentum in Congress to restrict TikTok due to its Chinese ownership, with the bill forcing the sale from the CCP-controlled ByteDance, the outcome remains uncertain, especially in the Senate.

  • The decision to ban or restrict TikTok could have political consequences, depending on public reaction and the perceived impact on freedom and privacy - who will young people blame if TikTok ends up being banned in the US?

  • The debate underscores the integral role of social media in daily life and the complex balance between security, privacy, and freedom of expression.


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