We Should Never Forget How Extreme Hillary Is On Abortion

The Blaze’s Cullen Herout writes:One of the most important considerations Clinton will give to a Supreme Court nomination is whether the person in question will continue to support a woman’s right to dispose of her child. She wants someone “rooted in the real world” who will continue to support abortion…Moreover, not only does Hillary want

Chelsea Clinton Calls Bernie “President Sanders”

Acting as a surrogate for her mother’s presidential campaign in Minnesota on Wednesday, former first daughter Chelsea Clinton slipped and called Hillary Clinton’s remaining Democrat opponent, “President Sanders” (courtesy of KARE 11): “President Sanders” is a phrase that should make every conservative shiver.Though it’s not clear sure how much different he would be than Chelsea’s

Baltimore Mosque Set For Obama Visit Has Controversial Ties

Via Foxnews.com: Barack Obama is making his first presidential visit to a U.S. mosque on Wednesday, but the historic occasion is being overshadowed by criticism that the Baltimore-area center he chose has extremist ties. The controversy centers around the Islamic Society of Baltimore’s former imam, who has ties not only to the Muslim Brotherhood but the Northern

Hillary Clinton Is Putting People To Sleep In Iowa

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks at a campaign event in New York, Monday, July 13, 2015. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

This man is all of us.  Via the Washington Free Beacon:  Man Nods Off During Clinton SpeechOne man had a lot of trouble staying awake while Hillary Clinton recounted intimate conversations she had with her supporters at a rally in Iowa Tuesday.Clinton jabbed Republicans for their lack of authenticity, to which the man, seen to

Conservative Actor Defends Ted Cruz Against The ‘Perpetually Offended’


Via IJ Review:Generation X-ers know him as “Hercules,” but lately actor Kevin Sorbo has been more known for faith-based films like “God’s Not Dead” and “Caged No More,” and his outspoken conservative values.Sorbo’s social media is full of conservative commentary, and he has even guest-hosted for The Blaze’s Dana Loesch. He appeared at CPAC (Conservative Political Action

Soldier’s Final Act Of Heroism Displayed In Powerful Video


Via The San Francisco Globe: Matthew Whalen, 35, was a four-time combat veteran. He served his country valiantly, but after leaving the service, tragedy struck. Whalen suffered a stroke at the end of December 2015, and only being kept alive by life support mechanisms, his family had a tough decision to make. The family helped Whalen make

Ads! Everywhere!

trump ad

We are less than a month before the Iowa Caucus and that means political ad season is kicking off with a fever pitch.  Here’s a roundup up of what we’ve seen so far today from candidates and Super PACs:Donald Trump kicked off 2016 on a jolly note with his first TV ad of the season, wherein he talks about beheading