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David Bozell is President of ForAmerica, the largest-of-its-kind, award-winning, national grassroots organization championing American exceptionalism.


ForAmerica, with its 8-million-member audience, is dedicated to using digital media to advance freedom, prosperity, and virtue in all public policy debates, and was labeled by the New York Times (😳), “One of the great unexpected influences of the [2016 Presidential] election.”


David regularly appears in print and on broadcast as a conservative pundit as well as an expert on the intersection of social media and politics. 

Speaker Request Form

Event & Venue Information

Event Expense Coverage Requirements

In addition to an honorarium, ForAmerica also requires that the following expenses be covered by the event host.

  • TRAVEL:  Round trip travel expenses for up to two people to be confirmed by Live Action. Includes paying for:

    • Air fare

    • Car Rental

  • HOTEL: Up to two nonsmoking hotel rooms at a location with dining on the grounds, with meals billed to the rooms.

  • MISCELLANEOUS EXPENSES: Taxi fees, meals while traveling, and other incidentals billed to the event host after the event.

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