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Are We At War?

I got lost on YouTube over the holidays and found an interesting channel run by a guy named Thomas Wictor. I have no idea who he is or even if Thomas Wictor is his real name, but he's got a ton of interesting theories on the election, why he thinks Trump is going to pull this off, and he makes his presentations in...shall we say...some very unique ways.

There's one clip he found recently that certainly got my attention. On December 18th, Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller introduced Vice President Pence at the celebration of the first anniversary of Space Force. The whole event can be found here. But I want to point you to the end of Miller's remarks, specifically to the 19:45 mark of the video, which I've earmarked for you, here.

Here's how Wictor framed it in his YouTube video:

Wictor's synopsis says it all: While Miller has been running counter-terrorism ops for a few months and has a wealth of combat experience, he was only just recently named head of DOD in early November. Already he's been in charge of "some of the most complex military operations this country has ever conducted?"

That is one gigantic matzah ball of a statement if you ask me, especially one that was "off script."

Assuming this is true, first and foremost to our military men and women: please be careful out there, above all else. And thank you. Secondly, does it have anything to do with the election? I have no idea, but I presume that it does. Than I saw Joe Biden complaining earlier today that DoD hasn't exactly been very helpful during the so-called transition:

Maybe all of this is linked? Perhaps we are fighting a very different kind of clandestine war as we speak, but we just don't know it...yet? It's intriguing nonetheless.

I think the only two people who know what will happen on January 6th, when the electors are to be confirmed by Congress, are Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Wictor goes on to suggest that Trump's call to attend the rally on January 6th is actually a party invitation.

I'm excited to see if that's correct.

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Kody Yardley
Kody Yardley
Dec 29, 2020

Well, Thomas Wiktor seems like a pretty sharp guy. I am sure he is perfectly capable of being wrong, but I would be more inclined to believe his analysis than not.

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