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As Russian Bombs Rain Down, Ukrainians Kneel and Pray

Of course most Americans have the Ukrainian people in our prayers right now as Russia continues to invade and bomb that country.

As hundreds fled, a reporter caught one moving scene of a group of Ukrainians who had knelt and prayed despite the chaos all around them.

CNN's Clarissa Ward said, “This really speaks to the desperation of this moment, we just see a small group of people … and they are kneeling and praying because right now there is truly a sense of having no idea what is coming down the pipeline, what is in store for the people of Ukraine in the coming hours, coming days.”

Ward then described the weather in Ukraine and the state of mind of the people in that country.

“It’s freezing cold here," Ward said. "So to see these people kneeling on the cold stone in prayer is honestly, its very moving."

"I think it speaks to the state of ordinary Ukrainians here who have done absolutely nothing to deserve this," Ward said. She added that these people, "Who have no quarrel with Russia, who have no desire for war or conflict, who are not engaged in the geopolitics underpinning this, but who will ultimately be the ones to bear the brunt.”

Images appeared Thursday of other Ukrainians praying for peace.

This is a time for prayer for all, despite our differences, even if some will insist on playing politics in this tense moment.

Pray for peace in Ukraine.


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Feb 26, 2022

Swa is full of shit. Republicans are NOT rooting for the Russians!!!!

Feb 26, 2022
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